Fashion tips

1. Always wear the proper size, it's not the number that people see, it's how well the clothing fits

2. Find a great tailor in your area and get clothing nipped and tucked to fit your body - it's rare for all clothing to fit you perfectly

3. You do not need heap loads of clothing, just make sure you have some great staple pieces that fit well and you can change them up easily with accessories

4. Tweak clothing pieces to make them unique, like replacing the buttons

5. Don't be afraid to try something new

6. Colour looks great on everyone

7. Confidence makes any outfit look better - give yourself an affirmation before walking out the door

8. Accessories are key and they don't need to break the bank - you can buy them used, buy cheapies, trade with friends and even make them

9. Do not buy something just because it's on sale, it's not a deal if it doesn't look good on you

10. Check out the used clothing stores in your area, you will be shocked at the great things you can find

11. When ordering clothing online make sure to read the reviews to see what other people think

12. You must own at least one killer black dress "KBD" that can be worn to various events

13. Never base your outfit some else's opinion, wear what empowers you most

14. Good undergarments can make or break an outfit

15. You can, and should, wear white at any time of year

16. This seasons' trend isn't always your friend